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Sum of the nodes of a Circular Linked List

A circular linked list is a data structure where each node in the list contains a data element and a reference to the next node in the list. The last node in the list points back to the first node, forming a circular structure.

The sum of the nodes of a circular linked list refers to the total sum of the data values stored in all the nodes of the list. To calculate this sum, you would need to traverse the entire list, starting at any node and following the links until you reach the starting node again.

Here's some pseudocode to calculate the sum of the nodes in a circular linked list:

sum = 0
current_node = any node in the list
    sum = sum +
    current_node =
while current_node != starting_node

In this pseudocode, sum is the variable used to store the sum of the nodes' data values, current_node is a variable used to keep track of the current node being visited, and starting_node is any node in the circular linked list where the traversal begins.

Suppose we are inserted the following (1,3,5,2,6,7,1) node in a sequence.

Sum of Circular Linked List

Program List


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