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Code Circular Linked List

Sorted insert for circular linked list

How to insert circular linked list nodes in Sorted from we are need to consider following points.

1) Initial linked list is empty so insert first node of linked list and assign this address to head pointer of linked list.

2) When linked list is not empty then first it check out first node of linked list are greater than or not of current inserted node. if first node are greater then inserted linked list node at front position. otherwise do step 3.

3) In this case we are confirm that linked list are not empty and new node will not added to front of linked list. In this situation this linked list nodes are iterating one by one. And use one other pointer which are hold the reference of previous iteration nodes. When upcoming nodes are greater then or equal to current inserted nodes. Then add this node to this location. If not found any big node and find last node of linked list. Then do step 4.

4) Note that circular linked list last node hold the reference of first node, then add new node at last position and connect last node to first node.

Suppose we are inserted the following (3, 5, 7, 4, 9, 10, 1, 2) node in a sequence.

Insert node at end

Here given code implementation process.


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