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Sort the biotonic doubly linked list

A biotonic doubly linked list is a linked list in which the values of the nodes first increase, then reach a maximum value, and then decrease. Sorting a biotonic doubly linked list means rearranging the nodes in the list such that the values of the nodes are in ascending order.

To sort a biotonic doubly linked list, you would first need to find the maximum value in the list. This can be done by traversing the list and keeping track of the maximum value seen so far. Once you have found the maximum value, you would need to split the list into two separate linked lists, one containing the nodes before the maximum value and the other containing the nodes after the maximum value.

You can then sort each of these two linked lists independently, using any standard sorting algorithm such as merge sort, quicksort, or insertion sort. Once the two lists are sorted, you can merge them back together to obtain the sorted biotonic doubly linked list.

Overall, sorting a biotonic doubly linked list requires finding the maximum value, splitting the list into two parts, sorting each part independently, and then merging the sorted parts back together.

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