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Reverse string using recursion in python

Python program for Reverse string using recursion. Here more information.

#  Reverse string using recursion in Python 3
class ReverseString :
	#  This is reversing the string elements recursively
	def reverseText(self, text, location) :
		#  Base condition to stop the recursion process
		if (location >= 0) :
			#  Recursive function call
			return str(text[location]) + \
              self.reverseText(text, location - 1)
		#  When no character remaining
		return ""
	#  This is handling the request process of reverse string elements
	def reverse(self, text) :
		#  Display given string elements
		print("Before Text : [", text ,"]",sep="")
		return self.reverseText(text, len(text) - 1)

def main() :
	task = ReverseString()
	text = "ABCDE"
	text = task.reverse(text)
	#  After reverse	
	print("After Text  : [", text ,"]\n",sep="")
	text = task.reverse("654A321")
	#  After reverse	
	print("After Text  : [", text ,"]\n",sep="")

if __name__ == "__main__": main()


Before Text : [ABCDE]
After Text  : [EDCBA]

Before Text : [654A321]
After Text  : [123A456]


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