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Remove duplicates from an unsorted linked list

In previous post we are learning about how to Delete duplicate nodes in sorted linked list, In this we are view examples how to remove duplicates nodes in unarranged (unsorted) linked list.

Approaches: In this case Linked list is not sorted form . So we are need to compare every element to other element of linked list. When find two similar nodes then removing every second similar nodes.

In this process we are need nested while-loops. First is outer loop those are hold the address of current nodes and that are useful to execute inner while-loop. inner loop are check condition of outer loop current node value. If there are similar to inner loop current node. then we are remove of this node. and node not similar then inner loop iterates linked list nodes. And are checking other nodes.

When completes of inner loop iterations. Then outer loop pointer are visit next upcoming nodes and again repeat this process. When no next upcoming nodes are exist stop the execution. This process time complexity is O(n^2) where n is number of linked list nodes.

Suppose linked list contain following (1, 2, 9, 4, 9, 3, 7, 2, 1) node in a sequence.

Before Remove Duplicate Nodes After Remove duplicates nodes

Here given code implementation process.


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