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Python Comments

Comment is documented text that are used to express the thinks of logic and functionality of codes. this is provide an readability to understand the logic of source code such as operation and functionality for other programmers. python interpreter is avoid and skips the comment portion because that is useful documentation for programmer.

python comments

Python is provide an opportunity to create comment in a two ways for programmer. first one is single line comment and another is multiple comment.

Type of comments

Comment are recognized in a two way.

Interactive mode comments

Single line comment are used to short description of code. this is starting with a # hash symbol. and after that has been informative text can used.

# Display welcome message for python programmer
print("Welcome to  learning python") #simple message
Welcome to  learning python

observe that in this example are using of two single line comment. first comment are used to demonstrate purpose of program and another one provide information to statement. In similar way describe to short information using single line comments.

Multi-line comment :That is a sequence of single line comment in more than once.

#first line comment
#second line
#third line

Script mode comments

Multi-line comment are generally used to describe significance of large and detailed explanation of operation. that is starting and ending with a (''') Triple quotes. and inside of this are text of comments. view its syntax.

''' this is multiline comment text

for example

 This program are calculate factorial 
 of given number n by using of recursion.

 function : factorial
 parameter : one integer argument
 return   : one integer value
def factorial(num):
  # base condition when number is one 
    return 1
  else :
    #recursive call factorial function
    return factorial(num-1)*num
#display factorial of 5
print factorial(5)

In this example given a function description within multiline text. Note that within multiline comment are allowed whitespace, symbols, alphabets and operator. the length of comment string are no limits.

Triple double quotation marks (""") is also used in a multi-line comments.


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