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Level order Tree Traversal

Level order tree traversal of binary tree, from top to bottom and in a sequence from left to right, print all nodes in a given binary tree.

Level Order Tree Traversal

We can solve this problem in a many ways. In this post are given a solution by using of queue data structure.

implementation process: In this process we are need two pointers variables (head and tail). head pointer are point to first queue element, And tail pointer are used to insert a queue elements.

1) Execution process are start root node of tree. We are insert first element of queue when binary tree are not empty. Help of first node of this queue we can find all other tree nodes.

2) Help of Queue head pointer we can get specific binary tree nodes those are inserted on inside of queue. After that we are check queue head reference to binary tree node left child is null or not. If that is not null then insert this binary tree node to end of queue by using help of tail pointer. Similar way to check head pointer reference to binary tree node are right child is NULL or not. If that is not null then insert this node to queue.

3) After of step 2 we are printing head node value of queue and remove head node of this queue. Note that when we perform enqueue() operation only front node are remove to queue. And head pointer are visiting to next queue node. And repete

And repeated step 2, until when head of Queue pointer are not NULL. Here given code implementation process.


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