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Kth ancestor of a node in binary tree

In a binary tree, the Kth ancestor of a node is the node that is located K levels above the node in the tree. Specifically, if we have a binary tree with nodes numbered from 1 to N, and we are given a node with number x and a positive integer K, then the Kth ancestor of node x is the node that is K levels above x in the tree.

For example, consider the following binary tree:

      /   \
     2     3
    / \   / \
   4   5 6   7

If we are given node 5 and K=2, then the 2nd ancestor of node 5 is node 1 (i.e., the root of the tree). If K=1, then the 1st ancestor of node 5 is node 2. If K=3, then the 3rd ancestor of node 5 does not exist, since there are not enough nodes above node 5 in the tree to reach the 3rd ancestor.

Finding the Kth ancestor of a node in a binary tree is a common problem in computer science and has applications in various domains such as genealogy and network routing.

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