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Kotlin Tutorial

Kotlin is an programming language. There is based on java platform. In this tutorial we are learning about it's basic and advanced features.

Why use kotlin Programming?

Here given of 10 biggest reason to how to choose learning about the kotlin programming.

Open Source: Kotlin is open source programming language. That is introduced by JetBrains.

Easy to learn: If you are know about the concept of at least one of the following language like java, c#, scala, groovy and gosu programing language. Then understanding kotlin concept are very easy.

Less Boilerplate code: boilerplate code is an coded portion which are used by many place. normally there is an are user defined codes which are written by programmer. For example in c programming language header files is an boilerplate codes this are used in many place without changes and modifications. kotlin is avoid many boilerplate.

Compatibility with Java: kotlin is 100% interoperable with the Java programming language. So you can also convert java code to kotlin code. And also can used to java code of kotlin programming.

Concise: As compared to java, kotlin syntax is very short.

Less crushes: kotlin programming are based in Java platform internally. Compiler of kotlin language are converted source to bytes code and this bytes code are independent to operating system. That means this code can work on all other operating sytem.

This language are strongly check variable data type compatibility and eliminated mismatch data type compatibility in compile time. That the reason kotlin apps are less crashed.

Less code to write : As compared to java, In kotlin programming are need to write less code.

Save precious time and efforts: In modern programming language goal is try to less code and achieve desired output. By syntactically kotlin are support shorter syntax as compared to Java. that are effect is on development process. Less code are save time and that are effect to increase development process.

Develop Aim: Java is most commonly used programming language. When develop new version of java programming. So that is targeting on new version feature is compatible to older version. So in programmer point of view it can be possible to need extra line of code to its compatibility. Kotlin is new programming language to support function and object oriented programming feature with 100% compatibility of java programming.

Application: kotlin are used to server-side development, desktop development, android app development and so on.


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