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Java applet Package

Java applets were a technology used in the past to create interactive programs that run inside web browsers. Applets were packaged as a Java archive (JAR) file, which is a compressed file format used to distribute Java classes and associated resources.

The JAR file typically contains the compiled Java bytecode for the applet, along with any dependent classes and resources such as images, sounds, and configuration files. The applet JAR file can also include a manifest file, which contains information about the applet such as its version number, main class, and required Java version.

To run an applet packaged as a JAR file, the browser downloads the JAR file from the web server and loads it into memory. The applet is then executed within a sandboxed environment that limits its access to the user's system resources.

However, the use of Java applets has declined in recent years due to security concerns and the popularity of alternative web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5.

Where is Java applet package?

applet package are exist in java.applet package.

What is included in Java applet?

There is file directory of java.applet package.



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