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Inorder traversal of binary tree with recursion in

Vb program for Inorder traversal of binary tree with recursion. Here problem description and explanation.

' Include namespace system
Imports System 
' Program for
'  inorder tree traversal of a Binary Tree
'  using recursion

'  Binary Tree Node
Public Class TreeNode 
    Public  data As Integer
    Public  left As TreeNode
    Public  right As TreeNode
    Public Sub New(ByVal data As Integer)
        '  Set node value = data
        Me.left = Nothing
        Me.right = Nothing
    End Sub

End Class
public Class BinaryTree 
    Public  root As TreeNode
    Public Sub New()
        '  Set initial tree root
        Me.root = Nothing
    End Sub
    '  Display Inorder view of binary tree
    Public Sub inorder(ByVal node As TreeNode)
        if (node IsNot Nothing) Then 
            '  Visit left subtree
            ' Print node value
            Console.Write("  " +
            '  Visit right subtree
        End If

    End Sub
    Public Shared Sub Main(ByVal args As String())
        '  Create new tree
        Dim tree As BinaryTree = New BinaryTree()
        '    Make A Binary Tree
        '    ----------------
        '        15
        '       /  \
        '      24   54
        '     /    /  \
        '    35   62   13
        '  Add tree TreeNode
        tree.root = New TreeNode(15)
        tree.root.left = New TreeNode(24)
        tree.root.right = New TreeNode(54)
        tree.root.right.right = New TreeNode(13)
        tree.root.right.left = New TreeNode(62)
        tree.root.left.left = New TreeNode(35)
        '  Display Tree Node
    End Sub

End Class


  35  24  15  62  54  13


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