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Find the kth least significant bit of a number

In computer science and digital electronics, each number is represented in binary format as a sequence of 1s and 0s. The least significant bit (LSB) of a number is the rightmost bit, which has the least weight or value. For example, in the binary number 101101, the rightmost bit (i.e., the LSB) is 1.

The kth least significant bit (kth LSB) of a number is the bit at the kth position from the right or the LSB. For example, in the binary number 101101, the 3rd least significant bit is 1, the 4th least significant bit is 0, and so on.

The kth LSB is also called the kth bit or the kth bit from the right, where k is a positive integer. The kth bit can be accessed using bitwise operations such as shifting, masking, and logical operators, which are used to manipulate individual bits of a number.

Given a number and its bit location. Our goal is to check given bit value is active or deactive.

Kth LSB bit of a number

Here given code implementation process.


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