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Evaluate postfix expression using stack in

Vb program for Evaluate postfix expression using stack. Here problem description and other solutions.

' Include namespace system
Imports System 
' program for 
'  Evaluate postfix expression

'  Stack Node
Public Class StackNode
    Public  operand As Integer
    Public  [next] As StackNode
    Public Sub New(ByVal operand As Integer, 
                   ByVal top As StackNode)
        Me.operand = operand = top
    End Sub
End Class

Public Class MyStack
    Public  top As StackNode
    Public  count As Integer
    Public Sub New() = Nothing
        Me.count = 0
    End Sub
    '  Returns the number of element in stack
    Public Function  isSize() As Integer
        Return  Me.count
    End Function
    Public Function  isEmpty() As Boolean
        if (Me.isSize() > 0) Then
            Return  False
            Return  True
        End IF
    End Function
    '  Add a new element in stack
    Public Sub push(ByVal value As Integer)
        '  Make a new stack node
        '  And set as top = New StackNode(value,
        '  Increase node value
        Me.count += 1
    End Sub
    '  Remove a top element
    Public Function  pop() As Integer
        Dim value As Integer = Me.peek()
        if (Me.isEmpty() = False) Then
            '  Reduce the size
            Me.count -= 1
        End If
        Return  value
    End Function
    '  Used to get top element of stack
    Public Function  peek() As Integer
        if (Not Me.isEmpty()) Then
            Return  0
        End IF
    End Function
End Class
public Class Execution
    Public Sub evaluate(ByVal e As String)
        '  Get the length of expression
        Dim size As Integer = e.Length
        Dim a As Integer = 0
        Dim b As Integer = 0
        Dim s As MyStack = New MyStack()
        Dim isVaild As Boolean = True
        '  work with (+,-,/,*,%) operator
        Dim i As Integer = 0
        While i < size AndAlso isVaild
            if (e(i) >= "0"c AndAlso e(i) <= "9"c) Then
                a = Int(e(i)) - 48
            ElseIf (s.isSize() > 1) Then
                a = s.pop()
                b = s.pop()
                '  Perform arithmetic operations between 2 operands
                if (e(i) = "+"c) Then
                    s.push(b + a)
                ElseIf (e(i) = "-"c) Then
                    s.push(b - a)
                ElseIf (e(i) = "*"c) Then
                    s.push(b * a)
                ElseIf (e(i) = "/"c) Then
                    s.push((b / a))
                ElseIf (e(i) = "%"c) Then
                    s.push(b Mod a)
                    '  When use other operator
                    isVaild = False
                End IF
            ElseIf (s.isSize() = 1) Then
                '  Special case  
                '  When use +, - at the beginning
                if (e(i) = "-"c) Then
                    a = s.pop()
                ElseIf (e(i) <> "+"c) Then
                    '  When not use  +,-
                    isVaild = False
                End If
                isVaild = False
            End IF
        i += 1
        End While
        if (isVaild = False) Then
            '  Possible case use other operators
            '  1) When using special operators
            '  2) Or expression is invalid
            Console.WriteLine(e + " Invalid expression ")
        End If
        Console.WriteLine(e + " = " + s.pop().ToString())
    End Sub
    Public Shared Sub Main(ByVal args As String())
        Dim task As Execution = New Execution()
        '  Execute the following expression
        '  (1+2)*(3+5)
        '  -((7*2) + (6/2) + 4)
    End Sub
End Class


12+35+* = 24
72*62/+4+- = -21


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