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Delete all Prime Nodes from a Circular Singly Linked List

A Circular Singly Linked List is a data structure consisting of nodes linked in a circular manner, where each node points to the next node, and the last node points back to the first node. A prime node is a node whose value is a prime number.

Deleting all prime nodes from a Circular Singly Linked List means removing all nodes from the list whose value is a prime number. This operation involves traversing the linked list from the beginning to the end, checking the value of each node along the way. If the node's value is a prime number, it is removed from the list.

The deletion of a node involves updating the next pointer of the previous node to point to the next node after the deleted node. If the deleted node is the first node, the next pointer of the last node in the list must also be updated to point to the new first node.

After all prime nodes have been deleted, the resulting Circular Singly Linked List will contain only nodes whose values are not prime numbers.

Suppose we are inserted the following (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) node in a sequence.

Delete all prime nodes in circular linked list Deleted all prime nodes

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