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C++ Operators

Operator are used to perform mathematically and logically operation using of symbols in programming language. Those symbols are provide special meaning of compilers when applied of an operands(like variable value and constant value). That is reliable to perform mathematical task (operation) and comparison.

Binary Operators :binary operator are need at least two operands.

Unary Operators :This are applicable for single operands. normally increment and decrement operator are used in single operands.

Operator Name
++ increment operator( double plus sign)
-- decrement (double minus sign)

For example

Example of increment ++ and 
decrement -- operator 
using namespace std;
int main(){

  int value=10;
  cout<<"Before increment value :"<<value<<endl;
  value++; //increment by one
  cout<<"After increment value :"<<value<<endl;

  cout<<"Before decrement value :"<<value<<endl;
  value--;//decrement by one
  cout<<"After increment value :"<<value<<endl;
  return 0;
Before increment value :10
After increment value :11
Before decrement value :11
After increment value :10

Type of operators

There are various type of operator are supported in c++ programming. there are given as follows.

Arithmetic Operator

Arithmetic operators are used to perform mathematical operation of operands. using of these operator we can easily to calculate like addition, subtraction,multiplication, division. and also can solve mathematical equation. there are two types.

Operator Name
+ Addition( plus sign)
- Subtract (minus sign)
* multiplication (* symbol)
/ Divide
% remainder operator
for example
//Example of Arithmetic Operator
using namespace std;
int main(){

  int data1=9,data2=3; 
  //data1 and data2 is operands of operator
  return 0;

Logical operator

logical operator are used to comparing of single and multiple condition. this condition are based on operand. operand and logical operator are combine together and make a decision expression. this result will be true and false (0 and 1).

Operator Name
&& Logical AND operator.
|| Logical OR Operator
! Logical NOT Operator

For example

//Example of Logic Operator (&&,||,!)
using namespace std;
int main(){

  int bonus=0,amount=30000;
  if(bonus || amount){
    //condition 2 is true amount !=0
    cout<<"bonus :"<<bonus<<" amount :"<<amount<<endl;
    //condition is true because bonus is zero
  if(bonus && amount){
    //both condition is true (bonus !=0 and amount!=0)
    cout<<"bonus :"<<bonus<<" amount :"<<amount<<endl;
  return 0;
bonus :0 amount :30000
bonus :10000 amount :30000

Relational operator

Relational operator are used to compare two values. this is work on two operand or two values so it also called binary operator.result of relational operator is boolean value( True and false). here given six relational operator

Operator Name
> greater than
< less than
== equal to equal to
>= greater than equal to
<= less than equal to
!= Not equal to

Assignment Operators

assignment operators are used to initialize and assign new value to variables. there are denoted as (=) equal sign.

Operator Meaning
= equal
*= Multiply and assign
+= Add and assign
/= Divide and assign
-= Subtract and assign
%= calculate remainder and assign

Bitwise Operators

Bitwise Operator are work in bit level. this bits are represented in from of binary numbers (0,1).perform all operation in (CPU) is work on bit-level. here given six Bitwise operators.

Operator Meaning
& Bitwise AND
| Bitwise OR
^ Bitwise XOR
~ Bitwise complement
>> Shift Right
<< Shift left


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