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Code Binary Tree

Count odd paths in Binary Tree

In a binary tree, a path is a sequence of nodes starting from the root node and ending at a leaf node. A binary tree is a tree data structure where each node can have at most two children, known as the left child and the right child.

To count odd paths in a binary tree, we need to first understand what an odd path is. An odd path is a path in the binary tree that contains an odd number of nodes.

To count the number of odd paths in a binary tree, we can use a recursive approach. We start at the root node and recursively traverse each node in the tree. At each node, we keep track of the number of odd paths that pass through that node.

To do this, we can use a variable count that represents the number of odd paths that pass through the current node. If the node has an odd value, we add 1 to the count. Otherwise, we set the count to 0.

We then recursively traverse the left and right children of the node, and add their counts to the count at the current node. Finally, we return the count at the root node, which represents the total number of odd paths in the binary tree.

In summary, counting odd paths in a binary tree involves recursively traversing the tree and keeping track of the number of odd paths that pass through each node.

Count all paths from the root node to the leaf node in a given binary tree that includes odd nodes. For example.

All odd nodes path from root to leaf in binary tree

In the above example there are three paths in the tree which all contain odd nodes.

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