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Code Binary Tree

Convert binary tree into min max product

The task of converting a binary tree into min-max product involves finding the minimum and maximum values in each subtree of the binary tree and then multiplying them together to get the product.

To perform this conversion, we first traverse the binary tree recursively, starting from the root node. At each node, we find the minimum and maximum values in its left and right subtrees, and then multiply them together to get the product for that subtree.

We continue this process until we have computed the min-max products for all subtrees in the binary tree. Finally, we return the product of the min-max values in the root node, which gives us the overall min-max product of the binary tree.

This problem can be useful in certain optimization scenarios, where we want to find the binary tree with the smallest min-max product that satisfies some additional constraints.

Change the binary tree into min max product

Min max product of a node is collecting from left and right subtree of node. When node is leaf then its value are not change.

Here given code implementation process.


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