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Code Binary Tree

Boundary Traversal of binary tree

Boundary Traversal of a binary tree refers to the process of traversing the nodes of the tree that lie on the boundary of the tree, i.e., the leftmost nodes of each level, the leaf nodes of the tree, and the rightmost nodes of each level. In other words, the boundary traversal of a binary tree includes the root node, the left boundary nodes from top to bottom, the leaf nodes from left to right, and the right boundary nodes from bottom to top.

Boundary view of tree

Boundary traversal is different from the other traversal techniques such as inorder, preorder, and postorder traversal because it does not traverse all the nodes of the binary tree. It only visits the nodes that are on the boundary of the tree. This traversal can be useful in various applications such as printing the boundary nodes of a tree, constructing a tree from its boundary nodes, and checking if a binary tree is symmetric or not.

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