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All Topological Sort in Directed Acyclic Graph

In the realm of directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), finding and understanding all possible topological sorts is a fascinating problem. Topological sorting is a linear ordering of the vertices such that for every directed edge (u, v), vertex u comes before vertex v in the ordering. This post delves into the concept of finding all topological sorts in a directed acyclic graph.

Problem Statement

Given a directed acyclic graph, the task is to generate and display all possible topological sorts.

Description with Example

Consider a DAG with six vertices labeled from 0 to 5. The graph's edges are defined as follows:

Print all possible topological sort in graph
  • Vertex 1 is connected to vertices 0, 4, and 5.
  • Vertex 2 is connected to vertices 0, 4, and 5.
  • Vertex 3 is connected to vertices 4 and 5.
  • Vertex 5 is connected to vertex 4.

The goal is to find all the possible linear orderings of the vertices that satisfy the topological ordering condition.

Idea to Solve

To generate all topological sorts in a DAG, you can use a backtracking approach. Start by initializing arrays to keep track of visited vertices, indegrees (number of incoming edges) for each vertex, and a result array to store the current topological ordering. Recursively explore all vertices with indegree 0, mark them as visited, update indegrees, and backtrack when necessary.


function findTopologicalSorts(graph, indegree, visited, result, index):
    if index == graph.size:
        print result
    for each vertex in graph:
        if indegree[vertex] == 0 and not visited[vertex]:
            visited[vertex] = true
            result[index] = vertex
            update indegrees after removing vertex
            findTopologicalSorts(graph, updated indegree, visited, result, index + 1)
            backtrack: restore visited and indegree for vertex
            visited[vertex] = false

function generateTopologicalSorts(graph):
    initialize arrays
    findTopologicalSorts(graph, indegree, visited, result, 0)

Algorithm Explanation

  1. The findTopologicalSorts function generates all topological sorts recursively. If the index reaches the graph size, a valid topological ordering is found, and it's printed.

  2. For each vertex, check if its indegree is 0 and it's not visited. If both conditions are met, mark the vertex as visited, add it to the result, update the indegrees after removing the vertex, and make a recursive call with the updated state.

  3. Backtrack by restoring visited and indegree for the vertex to explore different possibilities.

  4. The generateTopologicalSorts function initializes arrays and calls findTopologicalSorts.

Code Solution

Time Complexity

The time complexity of this solution depends on the number of possible topological orders. In the worst case, it could be exponential, as each vertex can be in or out of the topological order. The precise complexity is challenging to express formally.


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