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S NoFileNameCode
1JavaCodeimport*; import java.util.*; public class JavaCode { public static void main(String[] a...
2JavaCodeclass Solution { public int pivotIndex(int[] nums) { int sum = 0, leftsum = 0; f...
3DeadlockDetectionimport java.util.*; import*; public class DeadlockDetection { static int processes, reso...
4JavaCode// Java Program to Implement the RSA Algorithm import java.math.*; import java.util.*; class RSA { ...
5Assemblerimport; //import; //import
6Assemblerimport; //import; //import
7Assemblerpublic class Assembler { public static String toBinary(int x) { if(x >= 0) return String.format...
8Assemblerpublic class Assembler { public static int toInt(String s) { /*This method gets a string of negati...
9Assemblerimport; //import; //import
10JavaCodepublic class JavaCode { public static void main(String[] args) { int tamano = 5; if (tam...
S NoFileNameCode
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If you are try to convert your java code into equivalent php so that is right place. This tool is capable to transpile some java 8 package with limited functionality. This is an experimental version.


Our goal is to provide high quality code converter tool for programmers here are mentioned few tools.

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