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Online java to Php converter

If you are try to convert your java code into equivalent php so that is right place. This tool is capable to transpile some java 8 package with limited functionality. This is an experimental version..


If you are new here then you need to know following pointer before its use.

How its work : This tool is designed to translate standard java 8 code to equivalent php code. So your code must be inside of class. We first compile your code by given your file name. If its is valid then our tool is start to convert your code. So your file name should be valid under the java rule (File name as class name).

As you know we first compile your code, So you are need to import all packages which have use inside your program. This tool cannot work with third party package and your custom package. Because its need all packages to compile your code. And generally they are missing.

Why your code is not convert : There are basically three main reason.

1) Your code is producing warning and syntax error. Basically that is main reason. So first test your code locally and try again.

2) You are define "package" statement. As you know that we compile your code before converting code. So we are not create any directory according to your code package. So avoid to define package statement.

3) Third reason is you code produce @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") warning. That is mainly occurs when your code some collection is based on generic nature. In below are given solution of this problem.

If you got any other reason please notify your problem in comment section. We are waiting your response.

Limitation This tool are design to convert your custom code to php language. But it is not sufficient because java support thousands of package and there is no direct way to translate into php, So this tool are provide functionality of few package which is basically used in java.

Accuracy As we mentioned that this tool are work in few java package and class so its 50 % accurate in standard code in most of case. This tool are try to implement java collection into php array (Which is under the limit).

Achievement Converting java to php is not standard way. Because that is two different language. Java are have some standard and php are follow some standards. This tool is based translation similar to source to source code. Our goal is to motivate programmer which is know java and interested into learn of php.

Our achievement is your satisfaction. Please share about your feelings to kalkicode programmer in comment section.

Can 100 % accuracy? : Answers is yes, It is possible to achieve this task by using of custom predefined alternate function for all java package. If you want 100 % accurate code. please notify in comment section.

How To Use This?


It is working on valid java code, We assume that your code does not provide any error when compiled on local system. Otherwise it will not generate php code.


Its work on a single source code file. But allow to define multiple class within java code. The class that contains the main method must be public and the class name must be specified in the input box.


Kalki code allows 1000 requests to per user within every 12 hours. This request is counting when your code is valid and producing a php code.


This tool are not provide guarantee to provide 100% accurate code so then first its backup of your code. This tool are generate php code which is based on your code. So you are on responsible, if php code provide any system damage.

One public class

When your code contains more than one class, Then define only one public class which contains main method.

class A
class B {}
class C {}
public class D
    public static void main(String[] arg)
}// Thanks Jason roy

Because we are compile your file using your source code file name. So its important to define only one public class which contain your main method.


When you are work with java internal classes then first its import them (Is support only java package). for example.

// Import package 
import java.util.ArrayList;
public class Demo
    public static void main(String[] arg)
        ArrayList < String > name = new ArrayList < String > ();

This tool also not work when your code produced any warning or errors. In case your code is valid and this tool are not work must use @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") the top of your class. For example.

// Import package 
import java.util.ArrayList;

class Test
    public int a;
    public int b;
    public Test(int a, int b)
        this.a = a;
        this.b = b;

// important othewise not work
public class Demo
    public static void main(String[] arg)
        ArrayList record = new ArrayList <> ();
        record.add(new Test(6,3));
        record.add(new Test(10,3));
// Thanks for Rose

Question and Answer

What is the goal of this tool?

The main goal of this tool convert simple java code to php code for beginning programmers.

Why its not work all inbuilt java class and package?

Because initially, they are work on only few java class and package. Such as String class, Math class, Array methods, Java HashMap , Java HashSet, Java Queue, Java Vector etc, with limited functionality.

How to add new collection?

Note that this tool are not fully tested. So may be it provide wrong request in this case you submit your java code in comment box with some useful hint.

Why my code is not generate valid code?

Some time this tool are not provide valid syntax, Because it's impossible to detect what are you want. So in this case you send your feedback in comment section.

If you are request to change particular class method which is exist in java but not valid in php so send request to change method or add method in following ways.

Java Class.methodName(parameters) => 
php InbuiltMethod(parameters)

If you are submit new function which is exist in java class but not exist in php. So submit your code in comment section like this.

Full JavaPackageName.ClassName.Method;
function yourphpmethod($pa1,$pa2) // When parameter 
// your php code logic here
// return value if return

Is it open source?

No, Initials that are not open source, Because some may misuse it.

It slow or fast?

It depends on what kind of code you are requesting. sample code convert faster and long code may need some time.

Can i convert my java code to other language?

Submit request which language you want.

Can I convert php code to java language?

Yes, but Kalki Code is not providing this kind of tool. Because PHP functional and object oriented concepts are supported. If we want to do that, we want to mapping inbuilt php function to java class function. That is some difficult task but it is possible. If you have resources to this topic please submit your opinion.

Please share your knowledge to improve code and content standard. Also submit your doubts, and test case. We improve by your feedback. We will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

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